Promis.e Help

Levels Section

The Levels section of the CSV file starts with the line:

%section, Levels

It contains the following columns:

Column Contents
Level The name or number of the source level to remap.

The icon in the Level column provides an easy way to populate that column with the levels that are in the current Promis.e file. When you click on that icon, an Excel macro contacts Promis.e , retrieves the current levels, and inserts those that are not already in the table at the top of the table. Promis.e must be running and have an active design file for this operation to succeed.

To specify a level number, use the % character before the number. For example, enter %12 to specify level 12. Note: Some versions of Excel immediately change entries of the form %n to n%. If this happens, enter %%n (for example, %%12) instead.

You can see the level numbers in the Number column of the Level Display and Level Manager dialogs. Level numbers are most useful when converting V7 files where they correspond directly to the traditional 1-63 levels.







Optional. Qualifiers that refine the elements for which the remapping is performed.
V7OutputLevel The number of the level when saved to a V7 file.
V8OutputLevel The name of the level when saved to a V8 file.
DWGOutputLayer The name of the layer when saved to a DWG or DXF file.
Required If the value in this column is 1, then the output level is always created in the output file, even if there are no elements on it.
Description The level description.
Number The level number.
OverrideColor The level symbology override color for this level.
OverrideWeight The level symbology override weight for this level.
OverrideStyle The level symbology override line style for this level.
OverrideStyleScale The scale for the OverrideStyle for this level.
OverrideStyleOriginWidth The starting width of the OverrideStyle for this level.
OverrideStyleEndWidth The ending width of the OverrideStyle for this level.
ByLevelColor The ByLevel color for this level.
ByLevelWeight The ByLevel weight for this level.
ByLevelStyle The ByLevel line style for this level.
ByLevelStyleScale The scale for the ByLevelStyle for this level.
ByLevelStyleOriginWidth The starting width of the ByLevelStyle for this level.
ByLevelStyleEndWidth The ending width of the ByLevelStyle for this level.
ElementAccess If the value of this column is 1, disallows modification of elements on this level.
GlobalDisplay The global display flag for this level.
Plot The plot flag for this level.

The Level section has the following characteristics:

  • For each element, Promis.e finds the entry in the level map that matches that level, and uses the output level in V7OutputLevel, V8OutputLevel, or DWGOutputLayer, depending on the target format. If an element’s level does not appear in the Level column, the level is unchanged, except if the target format is V7.

    When saving to V7, if the level is not found, the level number is used. If that level number is greater than 63, the level is assigned to level number modulo 63. For example, an element on level number 140 would be assigned to level 14 in the V7 output file. (To calculate this, divide 140 by 63. The remainder (14) is used for the level number.)

  • If the Destination column corresponding to the target of a Save As operation is missing, or that column does not have an entry for a particular row, the default mapping described above applies. Similarly, if there is no Level column or no Level remapping section, the default mapping is applied for the whole file.
  • The elements for which the remapping in a particular row applies can be qualified using the optional Color, Weight, LineStyle, Class, ElementType, and Cell columns. While editing the remapping spreadsheet, those columns are displayed when Show Optional Columns is turned on. To distinguish them from the required columns, they are shown with a different background color.
  • The columns that are shaded grey control the properties of the levels specified as output levels in the V8OutputLevel and DWGOutputLayer columns. They have no effect when saving to V7 format.
  • The 17 rightmost columns are the columns created when doing exporting a level table from the Level Manager. You could use the Level Manager to create the desired levels, export using Level Manager, and then cut and paste the information from that spreadsheet.