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External Materials

When using external materials, two external files are required — a material assignment table (.mat) file and a material palette (.pal) file.

When working with external materials:

  • Materials are defined in an external material palette (.pal) and may include maps (image files) for the various settings in the definition.

  • For level/color assignments, an external material assignment table (.mat) defines the palettes used and the assignments of materials to elements in the design. Assignments refer to elements that reside on a specified level(s) and with a specified color(s). Materials are applied to elements as per their priority as per materials priority.

    Where materials are attached as attributes, the material assignment table still is required, to define the palette file(s) used.

    Type of File:



    To modify:

    Usually referred to by:

    Material palette file


    Material definitions

    Choose Visualization > Home > Materials dialog launcher

    Alternatively, in the Apply Material tool settings, double-click the material preview box to open the Material Editor.

    Multiple DGN files

    Material assignment table


    Assignments to levels and colors in design

    Select the Apply Material tool.

    Alternatively, select Material > Assign in the Material Editor dialog, or edit the assignment manually in the palette tree.

    One DGN file