Promis.e Help

Settings for Publishing i-models

When publishing a DGN file as an i-model, you can control the business data that will go into it. You can select the files to be included and you can specify which information to remove.

You are able to:

  • Create a single package
  • Embed documents list for a package
  • Set the type of protection for a package
  • Set the types of rights for a package
  • Set expiry date for a package
  • Remove intermediate published files
  • Create an iModel file of the selected version
  • Publish an iModel file to ProjectWise Share
  • Cache visible edges for 3D attachments
  • Retain cached visible edges even if out of date
  • Publish displayed attachments only
  • Include linked design files
  • Republish all i-models
  • Publish a point cloud (if one is loaded)
  • Publish a raster image (if one is attached)

When you publish or package a DGN file that contains links to other files, the linked files are also published as i-models. If there are links to files that are not DGN files, the linked files will not be published.

When you publish i-models with linked design files, the callout links are automatically updated to point to the published i-models instead of original design files.

You can view Markers as well as the Mini toolbar on callouts in published i-models. However, since the i-models are read only, the Create Drawing and Place View on Drawing or Sheet tools on the Mini toolbar are disabled. Also, the other tools are available for viewing purpose only.

Note: By default, an i-model is not republished if its DGN files have not been modified since the last time it was published. You can override the default and republish an i-model, even if the DGN files have not changed. This option is useful if the DGN files have not been modified, but configuration files or project databases that affect the published file have changed.