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Raster Compression Format

Controls the overall format of compressed data. If you define a raster compression format, you must also define a series of raster compression methods.

Note: This property is used only by the Bentley HPGLRTL printer driver.
  In .PLTCFG editor Effect of Value
Property or Record Name Raster Compression Format .
Syntax . .
Values 0 Use default raster compression format.
1 When compression format is set to 1 and compression methods is set to 0, it indicates no compression and that raster data must be transferred by row. This format is more likely to work with printers that claim RTL support.
2 When compression format is set to 2 and compression methods is set to 2 3 1 0 4 5, it indicates full adaptive compression. It is the most aggressive setting and results in the smallest print file. Raster data may be transferred in RTL blocks.

Some OCE devices may not support all compression modes. In this case set format to 1 and methods to 2 3 1 0.

Default Not defined or set to 0 .