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Applying Features to Parametric Elements

Features are designed to provide the ability to add or take away material to shape your design. Complexity is achieved by stacking or combining features to achieve a desired modeling strategy. All features have parameters to adjust at placement time or at a later time. You can apply cut, fillet, chamfer, hole, protrusion, shell, sweep edge, imprint, taper face, and spin face features to a parametric element .
Note: Shell, Sweep Edge, Imprint, Taper Face and Spin Face features are not applicable to parametric surfaces.
When adding features to a parametric element, you can change the settings prior to accepting the feature. This lets you preview how the construction will look before completing (accepting) it. Take, for example, the fillet feature below which lets you preview the blend, prior to finally accepting it.

Preview of the features added to a parametric element before accepting changes.