Promis.e Help

Save As DWG/DXF Options Dialog, General Tab, Fonts

Used to set options for saving fonts to DWG and DXF files. Opens when you select File > Save As, select AutoCAD Drawing Files (*.dwg) from the Save as Type list, and click the Options button.

Other groups of options under the General tab include:

Save As DWG/DXF Options General tab, Fonts options

Code Page for DWG File Defines the code page used by the DWG file.

The operating system uses a code page to define fonts or characters for language support. Generally, you do not need to change the code page for the DWG file, since a code page is already defined for the operating system.

Text Style Name Template Controls the text style name.

All text in a DWG file must have a text style assigned to it. When a DGN text element without a text style is converted to DWG, a text style is automatically generated. By default, the style name is Style-fontName. For example, the style name Style-Engineering is generated for a text element with no text style and the font set to Engineering. To change this naming convention, you can edit the Text Style Name Template setting.

If the characters %s are included in the Text Style Name Template, they are always converted to the font name. If these characters are not used, then all text without templates is converted to a single text style, and the font information is discarded.

Convert Promis.e Fonts to AutoCAD Fonts If on, converts Promis.e fonts to AutoCAD SHX fonts.

Promis.e supports TrueType fonts, AutoCAD SHX fonts, and the fonts stored in the resource file font.rsc. If you turn on this option, Promis.e converts the fonts in font.rsc to AutoCAD SHX fonts so that Promis.e text that uses these fonts looks identical in AutoCAD. If AutoCAD is installed on your computer, the AutoCAD fonts directory is selected as the target directory for the converted fonts. If AutoCAD is not installed or you want to override this directory, you can type another directory name or click the adjacent Browse SHX File Path icon to select a target directory.

SHX Output Directory Sets the path and the file name of the location of the AutoCAD fonts. To select the name of the AutoCAD fonts file from the file system, click the Value column.