Promis.e Help

Page Settings

Page Descriptions Tab

The Page Settings mode enables you to specify page descriptions that appear in title blocks and reports and sets the page layout options.

Add Description Click this icon to add an additional description field to the grid. The Add Description dialog displays letting you define a name for the description:
Enter a description into the field and click OK to add it.
Rename Description Click on a description name and select this option to display the Rename Description dialog:
Enter a new name for the description into the field and click OK to change it.
Remove Description Select a description from the grid and click the icon to remove it from the list.
Reset Resets the description values to their original setting.
Default Value When a project is created, the default project value will be pulled from these default values.

Page Layout Tab

Page Macro This field sets the default page macro that appears in the New Page dialog. A page macro is any macro that you wish to be placed on every newly created page. An entry made here will not affect any existing pages. Use the Browse button to select a macro file.
Title Block This field sets the default title block macro that will be prompted in the New Page dialog. Changing the default title block will not update existing pages. To change the title block on existing pages use the Replace Title Block function.
Scale This field specifies the scale to be used for the page format. Scales other than 1:1 are mainly used for panel layouts so that symbols will appear at less than full size.
Page Format Options This group of settings affects the page formats used in the project:

Use the Page Format field to select the page format that will be the default format when creating a new page. Use the browse button to select a format file. Formats are stored by default in the Promis.e PageFormat directory.

The # of Digits in Line Number field sets the number of digits that will be displayed for line numbers on the page. Extra zeroes will be added to the line number as needed. For example, if you enter a value of 3, then line number 1 will be displayed as 001.

If you wish to include the page number at the beginning of each line number, select the Include Page Number as a Line Number Prefix check box. For example, line number 001 on page 2 will be displayed as 2001.

If you wish line numbering to continue on following pages rather than starting over, select the Continuous Line Numbers check box.

Existing pages will be updated when these page format options are changed.

General Tab

Save pages in drawing set subfolder When a drawing file is created using the New Page dialog, there is an option to define a drawing set name from a drop down list. When this option is enabled, a subdirectory will be created under the root project directory with the same name as the Drawing Set name defined. This is where the drawing files are saved.

If the option is not enabled, then the drawings will be saved under the root project directory.

Refresh drawings before printing The options in this section determine which files will be refreshed before printing. The following two options are available:
  • All selected files
  • Files with pending changes