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Assign to CONNECTED Project Dialog

When you click the icon in the Connected Project field in the New/Modify project dialog, the following dialog displays enabling you to associate the current model with a defined CONNECTED project. If you are working with a new project which has not been registered yet, click the Register Project button and fill out the necessary information to add the project. Once a project is registered, it will display in this dialog where you can assign it to a current model.
Note: Read the CONNECT Overview for detailed information regarding the advantages associated with CONNECTED projects.

Register Project If the project you are currently working in has not been registered, click this option to register it.
Refresh Refreshes the list of CONNECTED projects.
Favorites Select a project and click this icon to add to the list.
Recent Displays recent projects which were assigned.
All Displays all CONNECTED projects.
Assign Once you select a project, click Assign to assign your local model to the project and return to the New Project or Modify Project dialog.
Search The Search field dynamically filters the projects list as you type in the characters.