Promis.e Help

Advanced Settings Dialog

Used to set the touching tolerance and clash discovery limit.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Clash Detection dialog: Job > Advanced Settings
Touching Tolerance Sets the allowable distance used to eliminate interferences between components that only touch. The default tolerance is 1 mm, which is converted into the working units of the active model. If the units of the active model are not set to mm, this value will be different. The maximum value is 10 cm. The less than (<) symbol indicates that there is a non-zero value, which is smaller than the display preference. Unit type for the model is set in the Working Units category of the Design File Settings dialog.
Suppress clashes between elements that are touching If on, ignores elements that are within the tolerance, such as when a pipe flange is bolted to an equipment nozzle or a wall is connected to the floor.
Clash Discovery Limit Sets the maximum number of clashes that are reported; default is 10,000.
Clustering Tolerance This is used to merge clashes when multiple areas of the pointclouds are clashing with a single element. For example, if the Clustering Tolerance is set to 100mm and a Slab is clashing with different parts of the pointcloud, the software will try to split the clash into multiple parts that are 100mm or more apart.
Maximum Points to Highlight Sets the maximum number of point clashes that are reported; default is 200,000.