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Modifying Print Definition Properties

Print Organizer provides several methods to edit print definition properties for DGN, DWG, raster, and PDF, and each method is used in a different context. These methods are:

  • Properties and Modify Properties dialogs — Allow you to edit a group of print definition properties for one or more print definitions.
  • In-Place editing feature — Allows you to edit a single property for one or more print definitions by double-clicking the property in Print Organizer's right pane to change its value. You cannot edit properties that are not applicable to a fixed or variable print definition. For example, when you are editing a variable print definition, you cannot edit properties such as X size, Y size, or Scale, since these values are assigned by a print style.
  • Print Styles — Allow you to define and reuse named sets of print definition property values that are stored in the open DGN file or in a DGN library. Print styles can be applied when you are creating print definitions, or you can reference them on demand. Print styles are required when you create a variable print definition but are optional when creating fixed print definitions. For more information, see Print Styles.