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Wiring Rules File Structure

The wiring rules file is an XML file that is structured as shown below. The rules file can be edited with an XML editor. A number of XML editors are available online including Cooktop and XMLSpy®.

Generic Outline of the Structure

Version Header Line

Name of Rule Set1


Rule2, etc.

Direct wire exceptions


Rule2, etc.

End of direct wire exceptions




End of WireSequencing

Terminal Designations



End of Terminal Designations

End of Rule Set1

Specific Example of a Wiring Rules File (ExampleWiringRules.xml)

Note: This file can be found in the folder where the Shortest Distance plug-in is installed).

- <WiringRules version="2">

<!-- Specify what terminals should be added when wiring from one terminal to another. -->

- <WiringRule description="Low Voltage" noSSTerminals="next">

<Enclosure from="DOOR" to="LEFTPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="L" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="DOOR" to="BACKPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="L" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="DOOR" to="RIGHTPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="L" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="LEFTPANEL" to="BACKPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="L" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="LEFTPANEL" to="RIGHTPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="L" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="BACKPANEL" to="RIGHTPANEL" location="@SameSection@" rule="R" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<Enclosure from="*" to="*" location="@DifferentSection@" rule="T" fromTermSide="I-E" />

<!-- Specify any size wires that should be routed direct rather than stopping at a terminal. -->

- <DirectWire>

<Gauge gauge="#2" rule="D" />

<Gauge gauge="1/0" rule="D" />

<Gauge gauge="2/0" rule="D" />


<!-- Specify the order that the daisy chain should be sorted in based upon the panel names -->

- <WireSequencing>

- <WinthinSection order="listed">






<BetweenSections order="sequential" />


<!-- Identify what spare terminals you want the wiring rules to use. -->

- <TerminalDesignations>

<TerminalDesignation terminal="L" enclosure="LEFTPANEL" />

<TerminalDesignation terminal="R" enclosure="RIGHTPANEL" />

<TerminalDesignation terminal="T" enclosure="TOP" />