Promis.e Help

File Scope

A signature with file scope captures the state of all the models in the file plus file-level information (defined below). Thus, a file signature becomes invalidated by any change to the content of any model or to file-level information.

File-level information included in the signature
  • Editable summary properties including title, subject, category, keywords, comments, author, company, category, manager, and application
  • Shared status of file (set for Design History file sharing feature)
  • File format (V8, V7, DWG)
File-level information excluded from the signature
  • File path and name
  • File size
  • "Opens With" (application association)
  • Attributes (read only, hidden)
  • Volatile "Summary Properties" including revision number, date last saved, last saved by, edit time, security, modified time, accessed time
  • Thumbnail
  • "Security Properties"
  • "Custom Properties"
  • Promis.e "Session" data, including last user and computer to access the file
  • Licenses defined by File Protection
  • Design History
  • All "Custom Properties"
  • All nested property sets
Note: A file signature excludes streams and storage added to the file by applications.
Note: All summary properties not mentioned here are excluded from the signature.
Note: Design History is excluded from the signature so that history may be used to manage signatures.