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Resetting is similar to pressing the <Esc> key in some other programs. For example, Resetting will "back" you out of most procedures that have several steps. If a view control is selected, a Reset (or two) will deselect the view control and re-select the drawing tool selected when the view control was selected.

By default, pressing and holding the Reset button causes the Reset pop-up menu to appear. You can change this so that clicking the Reset button makes the menu appear.

Because Resetting is a frequently used type of graphical input, the default selection — Press and Hold — is recommended. If you select the Click technique, you will have to Reset by selecting Reset from the view control pop-up menu.

If you want to change your preferred technique, you can do so by adjusting the Reset Pop-up Menu preference and optionally, the Hold Delay preference, in the Input category of the Preferences dialog ( File > Settings > User > Preferences ).