Promis.e Help

To Script Parametric Motion

  1. Use the Create Actor tool to create an actor with which to associate the motion and to specify the allowable types of motion.

    The actor must be created with a unique name.

  2. Use the Script Actor tool to script the motion.

    Key in equations only for the values that are to change; leave others blank. For motion to occur, these parameter equations should be dependent on time. This can be handled by referencing the built-in variable for time (tSeconds) or frame number (frame) directly, or by defining custom parameters that are dependent on time.

  3. (Optional) Do one of the following:

    To script additional motion for the same actor, repeat step 2.


    To script motion for a different actor, repeat steps 1-2.

    Note: Where you want to compare different scenarios, you can create “conflicting” script entries for the one actor. Then you can use the Enabled setting in the Storyboard Panel to toggle the various actions on/off to compare the results.