Promis.e Help

User's Common Uses of Harvested Files

Following are the common uses of harvested files for a user:

Creating Sections or Sheets and Publishing Them

You want to add a section or sheet to a WorkSet that other users can find and access. By working within the WorkSet file directory structure, as defined by the administrator, you put the new resources where existing Configuration Variable Links can find them. When other users expand a Configuration Variable Link in a link set, they discover any/all resources in the files named by the configuration variable.

Accessing Existing Sections While Doing Sheet Layout

You want to access resources such as existing sections while doing sheet layout in a WorkSet. Your WorkSet should already point to the correct top-level link set(s). To access sections, select the appropriate link set, navigate to the appropriate folder, and find a Configuration Variable Link called “sections,” which was previously defined by the administrator. Expand this link to see all the sections in the files identified by the configuration variable. You can then drag the links out of the expanded list to the sheets for creating section views.

Displaying New Sections and Sheets

In order to avoid performance lags, a Configuration Variable link displays a cached view of resources. When the content of the files changes, you have three options: ignore the new resources, close and reopen Promis.e , or right-click the Configuration Variable link and choose Refresh from the pop-up menu.

Defining a Subset of Sections or Sheets

To see and access a subset of sections or sheets in a WorkSet, create a folder and copy the links into it.