Promis.e Help

Generating a Standards Check Report

  1. In the Standards Checker dialog, choose the Standards DGNLib that contains the saved standards check settings.
  2. From the Settings Name option menu, choose the saved standards check settings.
  3. (Optional) Turn checks on or off.

    To view the settings for a check, click the Settings button.

  4. In the Options section, turn on Report File.

    The default report file name is displayed in the adjacent field. The default location for the report file is specified by the configuration variable MS_STANDARDSCHECKER_OUT.

  5. (Optional) Click the browse icon to select an existing report file, or to select a new directory for the report file.
  6. Choose the report option.

    If you choose the Create New in Series option you can create a new report using the report file name and the next available number.

    If you choose the Append option the results of the report will be added to an existing report file.

    If you choose the Overwrite option the contents of an existing file will be replaced with the new report contents.

  7. Click OK.

    The Standards Check Complete dialog opens, showing the number of problems found, fixed, and ignored. You must decide whether you want to review the XML report file.

  8. Click Yes or No.

    If you click Yes, the XML report file opens for your review.

    If you click No, the Standards Check Complete dialog closes.