Promis.e Help

To Use a Remapping CSV File When Saving to Another Format

  1. From the File tab, select Save As.
  2. From the Select Format to Save option menu, select the file format type.
  3. Click the Options button.

    Depending on the file type that you chose, one of the following dialogs appears:

    Save As V8 Options

    Save As V7 Options

    Save As DWG/DXF Options

  4. In the Save As Options dialog, select the Remap tab.
  5. Click Browse for Remapping CSV file, and select the remapping file to use.
    Note: To modify the CSV file, click Edit CSV Remapping File.
  6. Each option on the Remap tab corresponds to a section of the CSV remapping file. Turn on the remapping options that you want to apply when the DGN file is saved.
  7. To close the Save As Options dialog, click OK.
  8. To close the Save As dialog, click OK.