Promis.e Help

Supported Export Formats

The following formats are supported only for exporting and saving images. You cannot import these image formats.

Format Ext Commonly used for Bits per Pixel Compression
PICT .pct Popular Apple Macintosh format (Not supported by Raster Manager)

The 24-bit PICT output produced by Promis.e uses direct RGB PixMaps (described in Inside the Macintosh VI). To use these PICTs on the Macintosh, you must have either System 7.0 or 32-bit QuickDraw version 1.2 under System 6.0.x. If a PICT file produced by Promis.e takes too long to print from a Macintosh, display the file on the screen at 100% scale and use a screen capture utility to recapture the screen.

8 or 24 Run-length
PostScript .eps Encapsulated PostScript specification by Adobe Systems Incorporated (Not supported by Raster Manager) . .
WordPerfect (WPG) .wpg WordPerfect bitmap format (Not supported by Raster Manager) 8 Run-length
Extended Pixel (EPiX) .epx Used to export to Piranesi. 24 None