Promis.e Help

VBA Macros

File Protection supports rights-compliant VBA projects in a similar way that it handles MDL applications. The developer must certify that the VBA project is rights compliant. The developer digitally signs the VBA project using the Digital Signature dialog, which opens from the Tools menu of the Microsoft Visual Basic dialog. To open the Visual Basic dialog, open VBA Projects dialog from Drawing > Utilities > Macros > VBA Manager and click Show the VBA Editor icon . The author of a protected DGN file authorizes use of the VBA project by identifying the certificate used to sign the project. Promis.e does not load unsigned or unauthorized VBA project when rights restricted files (or reference) are open. Conversely, the product does not open a protected file (or reference) with restricted rights if any open VBA project is either unsigned or is not authorized for use with the protected file.