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To Place Shared Cells (Blocks) from a DWG File

  1. Open the Cell Library dialog ( Drawing > Annotate > Cells dialog launcher).
  2. From the dialog's File menu, choose Attach.

    The Attach Cell Library dialog opens.

  3. From the Files of type option menu, select DWG format. Navigate to the DWG file to be attached, and click Open.

    In the Cell Library dialog, the DWG file appears in the list box.

  4. Click Show Shared and Parametric Cell Definitions icon.

    The blocks in the DWG file are listed as shared cells.

  5. Double-click a cell to make it the active cell.
  6. Select the Place Active Cell tool and position the cell as desired.
    Note: Usually the origin is (0,0,0) in the DWG that is being placed as a cell. However, if the AutoCAD INSBASE (insertion base) system variable is set, it is used as the origin.