Promis.e Help

To Directly Save a DGN File in Another Format

  1. From the File tab, choose Save As.

    The Save File As dialog opens.

  2. From the Files of Type option menu, choose AutoCAD Drawing Files [*.dwg], or AutoCAD DXF Files [*.dxf], or CGM Files [*.cgm].
  3. (Optional) In the File name field, key in a name for the file to save.

    By default, the file is saved with the same name as the DGN file and with the extension ".dwg," or ".dxf," or ".cgm."

  4. Click Save.

    As the file is saved, you can monitor the status by reading the messages displayed in the Status window.

    The settings that you set the last time you saved a DGN file as an IGES or CGM file interactively (using the File tab's Import or Export item) control how elements in the DGN file are converted to entities in the exported file.