Promis.e Help

Setting Up Oracle

  1. Perform any indicated special setup steps in the "notes" section for your system. (See Windows Notes.)
  2. Start Oracle on the server. This step must be performed before any Promis.e session during which you will connect to an Oracle database. See the "notes" section for your system. (The database administrator is commonly responsible for starting Oracle.)
  3. If the database resides on a remote server, create an alias using the Oracle SQL Net Easy Configuration utility. For Oracle 9i and later, the utility is called Net Configuration Assistant.
  4. Have the Oracle database administrator set up an Oracle user. Make sure that the appropriate permissions are granted to the user to allow select, update, delete, insert, create, alter, and drop table permissions.
  5. Test the connection to the remote server through SQL Plus or SQL Worksheet to ensure that the Oracle client has been configured correctly.