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Selecting Elements in 3D

Most basic 3D element manipulations, including moving, scaling, rotating, deleting, and copying, can be done with the Element Selection tool, and are similar to 2D. For example, you can select one or more elements and manipulate them as a single entity.

All 3D modeling tools have a unified workflow that covers the way you select items for creation and modification and how you can modify them interactively.

Selecting Edges and Faces of Solids and Surfaces for Modification

Typically, selecting edges, faces, or vertices, for solids and surfaces is as follows:

  • Generally — select single items with a data point, and use <Ctrl+Data> for additional items.
  • Faces — select the solid/surface first, then dynamics lets you select face(s).
  • Back Faces — snap to an edge or vertex of a back face.
  • Edges/Vertices — direct selection, or through dynamic selection.

Interactive Handles to Control 3D Objects During Creation

Interactive handles let you control aspects of 3D objects during creation. For example, you can reverse the direction of surface normals interactively, during construction of fillets, by clicking the direction handles.