Promis.e Help

To Import a STEP File

  1. Open a 3D file in Promis.e .
  2. Select File > Import > Exchange File Types > STEP (*.stp) .

    The Import STEP AP203/AP214 File dialog, which is a standard file selection dialog, opens.

  3. Select the STEP file to import.
  4. Click OK.

    A second Import STEP AP203/AP214 File dialog opens.

  5. (Optional) From the Settings menu of the dialog, choose Import Settings.

    The AP203/AP214 Import Settings dialog opens.

  6. (Optional) Modify the import settings and then click Done.
  7. To start the translation process, click Import in the Import STEP AP203/AP214 File dialog.

    Status messages flash briefly in the Status area. If logging is enabled, these status messages are recorded in a log file. When the process is complete, the translated model is shown in a fitted view in the currently visible windows.