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Editing Procedural Texture Values

In addition to the standard parameters, each procedural texture has its own specific parameters that you can edit. For example:

  • The sample procedural texture, Wood, has parameters that determine the wood's base color and ring color.

    Map Editor dialog for sample Wood procedural texture. Here, as well as the size and offset values, you can change the wood's Base Color and its Ring Color.

  • The sample procedural texture, Marble, has parameters that determine the appearance of the veins in the marble.

    Map Editor dialog for the sample Marble procedural texture. Changing these values alters the appearance of the material in the rendered image.

For this procedural texture, the degree of "Complexity" and the "Vein tightness" or sharpness of the veins can be altered. Thus, it is possible to produce a range of marble materials, with different colors and vein structure, from the single marble procedural texture.

Simply by changing these two values, you can alter the appearance of this material. This is in addition to the Size field in the Material Editor dialog.

Changing "Complexity" to 1.0 produces a smoother vein

Changing "Vein tightness" to 1.0 produces a sharper, more clearly defined, vein