Promis.e Help

Modify Component Options

When you select a symbol(s) in the drawing using one of the element selection methods, the Component Tools > Modify Component ribbon displays options to modify the component.

Note: These options are also available from the right-click menu when you select a symbol.
Device Properties Displays the Device Properties dialog where you can define/modify the Device ID for the symbol.
Device Usage Chart Displays the Device Usage Chart dialog which shoes which items in a family have been used in the project.
Device BOM Assignment Displays the Device BOM Assignment dialog where you can assign a device id created in the BOM Explorer to the selected symbol.
Connection Points Display the Modify Connection Point Text dialog where you can designate or modify connection point text.
Symbol Text Displays the Symbol Text dialog where you can modify the symbol text attributes for the symbol.
Part Number Displays the Select Part Number dialog where you can view/modify the part number for the symbol.
Balloon Lets you place a balloon attached to the symbol which coincides with the component in the BOM. The Balloon Number dialog will display so you can define the balloon number.
Hyperlink Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog where you can create a hyperlink between a symbol and a web page or file.
Symbol Settings Displays the Symbol Settings dialog where you can modify settings of how the symbol displays in the drawing.
Text Settings Displays the Edit Text Format dialog letting you modify the text style for the symbol.
Show Cross-References Shows the hidden cross-referenced text.
Move You can move a symbol by clicking on a symbol and selecting this option or using the right-click menu. You will be prompted on the command line to select a base point and a new reference point for the moved symbol.
Copy Allows you to copy the symbol. You will be prompted on the command line to select a base point and a new reference point for the copied symbol.
Scale Used to resize elements. Elements can be scaled individually, as a selected group, or within a fence.

Used to rotate an element(s). Elements can be rotated individually, as a selected group, or within a fence.

Mirror Used to mirror the selected symbol.
Delete Deletes the selected element.
Text Position Lets you move the associated symbol text to a new position.
Smart Move This command enables you to intelligently move drawing elements by moving symbols or the associated text only. Controls are also provided to enable you to turn on and off the grid snap and change the grid size.
Wire Sizing Displays the Wire Sizing dialog letting you analyze an appropriate wire size for the selected symbol.