Promis.e Help

To Add a Link to an Element on-the-fly

  1. Right-click on the element and select Add Link.

    The Add Link to Element dialog opens.

  2. From the Type option menu, select From File.
  3. Click the Select link from file icon to open the Create Links dialog.

    Controls in this dialog are analogous to those in the Open dialog.

  4. Select the file that contains the links you want add to the element and click Open.

    The Link Target dialog opens.

  5. Select the desired link and click OK.

    The name of the link displays in the Add Link to Element dialog.

  6. Click OK.
    Note: When using the Add Link to Element dialog, the Type options From File, Key-in, or URL can be changed on-the-fly; you do not have to select the tool again to change the set of selected items. You can also open the Add Link to Element dialog by keying in LINKS ADD ELEMENT.
    Note: The Add Link to Element dialog offers three types of links to add to an element:
    • If you select From File, the Create Links dialog opens and you can select files, models and views, and the links to add to elements. The field to the left of the Select link from file shows the name of the item selected. To change the file on-the-fly, click the Select link from file icon again.
    • If you select Key-in and enter a key-in string in the text field, the link to this key-in string is added to element. It also shows the history of all the key-in links added so far in the session.
    • If you select URL, type a URL address in the text field with a prefix of http, https or mailto. The mailto prefix expects the e-mail ID.