Promis.e Help

VRML Exporting and Viewing Hints

The following hints are useful for exporting and viewing VRML files:

  • You should use either normal or shared cells to reduce the size of VRML worlds. Then you can use cells that require one stored definition with multiple references to it.
  • You should create Promis.e saved views to represent significant views. Promis.e 's saved views are exported as named camera entities which most browsers support as "viewpoints."
  • Do not use the characters "[" and "]" in material names.
  • Because most browsers work best with perspective cameras, you should turn on the camera in saved views and, if possible, in the view that is exported.
  • Because large VRML files require powerful computers for efficient viewing and sometime require a long time to download, you should reduce the file size by minimizing the use of curved surfaces and the amount of geometry. If possible, you should use pattern maps rather than actual geometry.