Promis.e Help

To Create a Protrusion on a Solid

  1. Select the Create Protrusion tool ( Modeling > Solids > Features ).

    The Create Protrusion tool settings window opens.

  2. Modify the settings for the protrusion as required.
  3. Select the solid.
  4. Select the element to protrude.

    An arrow shows the directions for the protrusion. If Both is selected in Direction, two arrows appear: a green arrow for the Forward direction, and a red arrow for the Backward direction.

  5. (Optional) To select additional elements to use for protrusions, hold <Ctrl> and enter data points to select elements.
  6. (Optional) To protrude a profile up to a selected face of the solid, select Selected face in the Through option of the tool settings.
  7. Enter a data point to accept the protrusion or reset to reject.

    Left: Direction = Back, Through = Blind , Distance = 6 / Center: Direction = Forward, Through = Up to Body / Right: Direction = Back, Through = Blind, Distance = 6.