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Fixed Print Definitions

To configure Print Organizer to create fixed print definitions, you must clear the Enable variable print definitions check box on Print Organizer’s Preferences dialog. If cleared, the system creates fixed print definitions when DGN, DWG, raster, and PDF files are added to Print Organizer.

Tip: You can also set the configuration variable MS_PLT_ENABLE_VARIABLE_DEFINITION_MODE to 0 to create fixed print definitions.

Print Organizer Preferences Dialog

Fixed print definitions contain all of the printing properties necessary to render a single printed page. Since these properties are obtained during creation, it usually takes longer to create fixed print definitions. For example, suppose a fence creation method is specified for DGN/DWG data, either from a print style or from manually specified options. Print Organizer scans the DGN file and may return multiple fixed print definitions: one for each matching shape.

To assign one or more printing properties to a fixed print definition, you can apply a print style, but the name of that print style is never retained in the fixed print definition. Subsequent changes to the print style will have no effect on any fixed print definitions.

When a fixed print definition is processed by Print Organizer, all of the printer properties are visible in the various columns and can be edited using the Properties and Modify Properties dialogs, or the in-place editing feature. For more information on modifying print definitions, see Modifying Print Definition Properties.

When working with fixed print definitions, changing the printer may have unintended consequences. Print Organizer has to iterate all of the print definitions, recalculating all of the properties in the context of a new printer. This could involve changing the paper sizes and possible disturbing the layout and other settings that you had previously defined. One way to work around this issue is to maintain different print set files for different printers.

Note: This is not an issue with variable print definitions, since there is nothing in a variable print definition that needs to be recalculated.

Fixed Print Definitions