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Symbols in Named Expressions

Symbols in named expressions are values and properties. Each symbol is derived from one of the following types of sources:

  • Application-defined value — for example, System.Math.PI.
  • Application-defined method — for example, System.Math.Sin(a).
  • Access string — contains no blanks, operators, or parameters. For example: ActiveFile.Author.

Symbol Sets

Symbols are grouped in symbol sets. Symbol sets are published by applications called symbol providers. A standard collection of symbol sets is built into this product, such as

  • System.Math — standard math function symbols, including Sin(), Cos(), and others.
  • Session — session-specific symbols, including ActiveCommandKeyin(), ActiveModelIs3D(), isNamedToolBoxOpened(), and others.

When you define a named expression, you should only specify the symbol sets required to generate the expression in order to minimize processing overhead.