Promis.e Help

Why Use the Database Interface?

Using the database interface offers many capabilities not otherwise available to the CAD user. These range from a simple application that tracks part numbers in an assembly to a sophisticated facility management system, which tracks the operation and maintenance of a large organization, and everything in between.

For example, a graphical element representing a street on a map can be linked to a road or street name, traffic flow rate, accident rate, construction date, and resurfacing data in a database table. The centroid point and text for the lot number of each parcel of land could be linked to another database table that includes owner, area, and street name.

By relating the two tables, you could, for example:

  • Selectively display all properties that have a value of over 100,000 dollars and a traffic flow of over 100,000 vehicles per year, and produce a report that included each owner's name and address.
  • Selectively display or highlight all roads in the northeast quadrant of the county that have a traffic flow of 50,000 vehicles a day and over 10 accidents per year.
  • Produce a map of a subdivision showing all owner's names and property values. When the database changes you can globally update the map.
Note: Using the database interface requires more memory than Promis.e ’s standard memory requirements. Additional memory improves the performance of both Promis.e and the database.