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To Define an Arc Segment Tangent to the Previous Segment

  1. With AccuDraw active and Place SmartLine selected, and Segment Type set to Lines place two data points to define a straight section. Note that AccuDraw aligns its drawing plane with the line segment.
  2. Now, set Segment Type to Arcs.
  3. Move the pointer toward the drawing plane axis that is perpendicular (that is, at 90°) to the previous segment.

    When the pointer is close to the axis, the arc radius position dynamically aligns with it.

  4. With the pointer indexed to the axis, enter a data point to define the center point for the arc.

    The drawing plane coordinate system automatically switches to Polar, and the arc's center point and sweep angle are dynamically displayed.

  5. Enter a data point to define the arc's sweep angle and complete the segment definition.

    Defining an Arc Segment Tangent to the Previous Segment

    Note: You can key-in values for the Radius and the sweep angle, using AccuDraw's input fields. As well, the arc's sweep angle can be defined in either direction — clockwise or counterclockwise.