Promis.e Help

To Set Up the ODBC Interface

For demonstration purposes, a working example of DGN and associated database is available at Some of the help related to database interfaces refers to these examples.

Note: Promis.e supports only the 64 bit ODBC drivers. If you want to connect to a Microsoft Access database, make sure you have the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office installed.
  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources (64 bit) on Windows 8.
  2. Select the User or System tab depending on your requirements.
  3. Select Add and select the ODBC driver for the database that contains your data. If using the example files, select Microsoft Access Driver.
  4. Click Finish.

    The data source dialog opens.

  5. Define the data source name and optionally description. This is the name you will use in Promis.e 's (Connect to Database dialog).
  6. Use Select to locate the database to be accessed. If using the examples, find gis.mdb or gis.accdb in the ..\Examples\Access\ folder.

    For the remaining settings, look at the table below for your specific database. Refer to your ODBC driver manual for specifics on other fields.

    Database Action
    Access Select the name of the MDB or ACCDB file.
    Oracle Provide the data source name, service name (created through the Oracle Client Configuration software), and User ID.
    SQL Server Follow the prompts in the dialog. At a minimum you should specify Name, Server, and Login/Password.