Promis.e Help

To Create the Shared Clash Detection Job

  1. Copy the ClashDetection.dgnlib from ..\Default\Dgnlib\ClashDetection location in Promis.e 's program directory to another location, say ..\Organization\Dgnlib\ClashDetection\ .
    Note: Make sure the new location is defined in the MS_DGNLIBLIST_CLASH configuration variable.
  2. Open the copied ClashDetection.dgnlib.
  3. Open the Clash Detection dialog and create a new (shared) job.
  4. (Skip this step if you do not want to share rules.) To import the rules, key in clashdetection rules import <XmlPathName>, with XmlPathName set to the previously exported rule file.

    Check that the rules are imported as expected.

  5. Save the job, save the DGNLib file, and close.

    Note: You can also define levels or named groups as criteria for the shared job (SetA and SetB) by temporarily attaching some representative application files as references to the DGNLib. This makes the levels and the named groups in these references available to be picked as job criteria. The references can be removed after the shared job has been defined.