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Drop Toolbox

The tools in the Drop toolbox are used to break up complex elements into simpler components, and to remove association points between elements.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in the Drop toolbox
Break up a complex element(s) or an element(s) of a special type into simpler components.

Drop Element
Break up a complex element into its components.

Drop Complex Status
Convert a line string or shape to a series of individual line elements.

Drop Line String/Shape Status
Discontinue an association between a shared cell, dimension witness line, or multi-line and another element.

Drop Association
Note: These tools are used to drop certain types of elements:
To change attributes for Use
B-spline curves

Facet Curve in the Curve Utilities toolbox.
Dimension elements

Drop Dimension Element in the Dimensions toolbox.
Elements to which custom line styles are applied

Drop Line Style in the Custom Line Styles toolbox.
Multi-line elements

Drop Multi-line in the Multi-lines toolbox.
Pattern elements (associative patterns)

Drop Associative Pattern in the Patterning toolbox.
Text elements

Drop Text in the Text toolbox.