Promis.e Help

Managing DWG Settings

The settings for opening and saving DWG files are stored in a DWG settings file (*.dws). This file can be created using the DWG Open Options and Save As DWG/DXF Options dialogs.

The DWG settings file resides in the local directory pointed to by the configuration variable MS_DWGDATA.

By default, MS_DWGDATA is set to the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Bentley\<product_name>\<product_version>\prefs\dwgdata\ directory. A system administrator can override the defaults for these settings by setting the configuration variable MS_DWGSYSTEMDATA to point to the directory containing the standard settings file.

The display and plotting color tables (DwgDisplayColor.tbl and DwgPlotColors.tbl) can also be controlled by placing them in the MS_DWGSYSTEMDATA directory.

The Do Not Display Again setting for the DWG/DXF Units Alert is stored in the DWG settings file, along with the other settings.

Note: The DWG settings file created from Promis.e CONNECT Edition is not backward compatible with earlier versions of Promis.e . The .dws file you saved from Promis.e CONNECT Edition will not open in older releases of Promis.e . However, the forward compatibility is retained. An older version of .dws file can be opened and used in Promis.e CONNECT Edition.