Promis.e Help

To Check Out a License

The Bentley SELECT Server licenses are network-based. You may use a license while disconnected from the network for up to 30 days. However, there may be times when you must use a Promis.e license off the network for more than 30 days, for example, when working at a remote site.

For these situations, you may check out a license for use on a computer that is not on the network (sometimes referred to as a commuter license). This feature does not apply to the NON-Select or node-locked users, as these licenses are considered to be checked out already.

Note: While a license is checked out, it will be tracked in the license server usage logs as being continuously used (i.e., 24 hours a day).
  1. The computer on which you wish to use the checked-out license must be connected to the network. On this computer, start Promis.e and select Manage > License Manager . The Product Activation Wizard dialog will appear.
  2. Select one of the SELECT subscriber radio buttons that applies to your license server (either hosted at Bentley or deployed locally).
  3. Select Next to continue. The License Checkout dialog will appear. This dialog lists the available Bentley SELECT Server licenses on your system.

  4. Select the Use a checked out license option.
  5. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
  6. Select the desired Promis.e license from the list in the Product Name field.
  7. Select the Next button to check out the file. While a license is checked out, it will not be available to other users on the network. At the end of the check-out period, the checked-out license will expire and it will again be available to users on the network.