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Create Surfaces Toolbox

The Create Surfaces toolbox contains tools to create surfaces from profiles by linear extrusion, revolving, or extrusion along a path.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in Create Surfaces toolbox
Construct a rectangular B-spline surface by defining 2 or 3 corner points, or by defining multiple points that are averaged.

Planar Surface by Points
Construct a B-spline surface that contains selected elements as edges.

Surface by Edge Curves
Construct a B-spline surface by defining four points.

Surface By Corner Points
Place or construct a free-form B-spline surface.

B-spline Surface by Points
Construct a B-spline surface from a raster image
Surface by Image
Construct a B-spline surface that is transformed between section elements.

Loft Surface
Construct a surface between the vertices of two profiles (or groups of profiles)

Loft Surface by Vertices
Create a surface transition from a rectangular to a circular section.

Loft Rectangle to Circle
Construct a B-spline surface that is transformed between elements of a network.

Surface by Network of Curves
Create a surface by extruding an element linearly

Surface by Extrusion
Construct a surface by extruding a profile element along a path

Surface by Extrusion Along Path
Create a B-spline surface by sweeping one or two section profile curves along two trace curves.

Swept Surface Along Curves
Create a surface by revolving an element.

Surface by Revolution
Create a helical-shaped B-spline surface by sweeping a section profile curve along a pre-defined helix curve.

Helical Surface
Place an extruded surface with a rectangular cross-section

Slab Surface
Place a dome shaped surface, which is a part of a sphere

Dome Surface
Place a cylindrical surface

Cylinder Surface
Place a torus (donut shaped) surface

Torus Surface
Place a conical surface

Cone Surface
Place an elliptical cone surface which is a transition surface between two ellipses

Elliptical Cone Surface