Promis.e Help

To Pan/Dolly the Camera in Steps of 10 Units Distance or 5° Rotation

  1. Select the Define Camera tool.
  2. In the tool settings window's icon bar, click the Pan/Dolly icon.

  3. Turn off Continuous View Updates.
  4. If necessary, click the More button to reveal the settings options.
  5. Expand the Controlled Movement section to display fields for Increments in Distance and Angle.
  6. In the Distance field, type 10.
  7. In the Angle field, type 5.
  8. In the camera view enter a data point in the top, bottom, left or right of the view.

    The camera is dollied 10 units, or revolved 5° depending on the position of the data point.

  9. Further data points pan or dolly the camera in 5°, or 10 unit increments respectively.