Promis.e Help

To Enter Multiple Precision Input Key-ins

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut <P>.

    A pop-up menu opens.

  2. Press <M> or select Point Keyin (Multi) from the pop-up menu. The Data Point Keyin dialog opens.

  3. After you enter a key-in, the dialog remains open.
    Note: Locks do not affect data points entered with precision input.
    Note: For more information about precision input key-ins, see Precision input key-ins in 3D.

Although you can enter key-ins in the Key-in window, it is easier to use this dialog. The dialog has an option menu for choosing the type of key-in (for example, DX=). When you enter the key-in, its type becomes the default.

The following table summarizes precision input key-ins:

Key-in Alternate Key-in Distance from Along
POINT ABSOLUTE XY= Design plane origin Design plane axes
POINT DELTA DL= Last tentative or data point Design plane axes
POINT VDELTA DX= Last tentative or data point View axes
POINT DISTANCE DI= Last tentative or data point Relative to view x-axis