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The Filters dialog enables you to define what is included or excluded on a report.

The Filtering dialog enables you to create a filter for the database.

Accessed from:

  • This is a common dialog used throughout Promis.e which lets you define criteria used to search a database, whether it be for assigning part numbers when placing symbols, or defining what to include in a report.

Filters will remain in placed until cleared. The Clear Filter option in the dialog below is specific to this dialog only. If you have a filter defined in the Select Part Number dialog, the filter will need to be cleared from that dialog.

Field Use the down arrow button in the Field field and select one of the report fields from the list.
Relationship Choose a comparison function. The available functions are = (equals), Like (wildcard), < (less than), > (greater than) and Not (not equal to). Like is a wildcard function that will include any items that contain the string that is entered in the Value field.
Value The drop down list is populated with the values which were used in the current project. Select from the list or enter a new value directly into the field.
Clear Clears the filter.