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Attaching and Assigning Materials

You have several choices when applying materials to elements in your models:

Where there is a conflict and a different material has been attached to an element that also has a level/color material assignment, then the attached material takes precedence over the level/color assignment.

For example, you may have a solid that has a level/color assignment for "Brass Cast," but one of its faces has the "Brass Polished" material attached. When rendered, the solid will appear as cast brass (material assigned by level/color), but with one face appearing as polished brass (the attached material).

Solid with cast brass material assigned by color/level, and polished brass material attached to top surface

Materials Priority

When attaching/assigning materials to elements, solids, or faces of solids, the priority that applies to the material assignments, highest to lowest, is as follows:

  1. Material attached to a level override.
  2. Material attached to the face of an element.
  3. Material attached to an entire element (or by element template).
  4. Material assigned by level and color (if color is ByLevel then the assignment is by level and the color of the level).
  5. Material attached to the level (this is the ByLevel level Attachment - the Material column of the Level Manager).