Promis.e Help

To Create or Modify a Tablet Menu

  1. In a DGN file, create a 2D model and make it the active model.
  2. On one or more levels in a Top (unrotated) view, draw the menu items, each of which should consist of a closed shape which encloses text and/or an icon.

    For example, in the area of the model in which you will create, in step 3, a menu block for a menu item that will activate the key-in PLACE CIRCLE CENTER CONSTRAINED, you might draw a circle or place the text, " Place Circle by Center ".

  3. On a separate level, draw the menu block boundaries as closed shapes.

    The boundaries can be contained in cells. Element types other than lines, line strings, arcs, ellipses, complex chains, and complex shapes will be ignored.

  4. On a separate level, for each menu block, place a text element containing that block's action string.

    The text in these elements can be of any size. However, it is essential that in each case the center of the text lies within the block to which it pertains.

  5. At the "origin" — lower left corner — of the model, place a three line text node as follows:
    Menu Origin

    For example:

    Menu Origin
    FrameLevels=Menu Border, Menu Partitions
    CommandLevels=Command Text

    The placement point of this text node is the origin of the menu.

    Note that if you use multiple levels for menu block boundaries or action strings, separate the level names with commas, as illustrated above in the line beginning with FrameLevels.

  6. If the DGN file that contains the model has not been saved, save it now. It is not necessary to save settings first.

When you are finished, print the menu and attach it to the digitizing tablet.