Promis.e Help

To Modify the Eye Point of a View Cone Interactively

  1. With the Define Camera tool active, select the eye point handle with a data point.
  2. Move the handle to the new position.
  3. Enter a data point to fix the new position, or reset to release the handle and return the view cone to its original position.

    If Continuous View Updates is turned on in the tool settings window, you can monitor changes to the camera view as you manipulate the view cone.

    Repositioning the eye point: Select eye point with a data point, then move the eye point to a new position and accept the new position with a data point.

    Moving the eye point, in this manner, leaves the target at its current location. Similarly, you can reposition the target, leaving the eye point at its current location.

    Note: You can use the click and drag method also, to move the handles. That is, hold the data button down as you move the handle. Releasing the data button sets the view to the new position. With this method, Resetting does not return the view to its original position.