Promis.e Help

Creating and Editing Cells

This section covers how to create and edit cells.

Tip: Instead of creating cells "from scratch," consider using the cell libraries supplied in the ..\Default\Cell\ folder of Promis.e 's program directory. This saves you substantial time and effort. Also, many cell libraries can be purchased from third-party vendors. These cell libraries can be customized to meet your exact needs.
Note: If you need a cell but cannot add one to a cell library (because, for example, a system administrator is in charge of the cell libraries in your company), please ask your system administrator to ensure that there is a location within your WorkSet that users can write to. The location in our example WorkSets is ...\<WorkSetName>\Standards\Cell\, e.g. C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Example\WorkSets\MetroStation\Standards\Cell\. Cells that are useful to other WorkSets can easily be imported from WorkSet cell libraries into WorkSpace or Organization cell libraries by the administrator.
Note: DWG workmode supports only shared cells.