Promis.e Help

To Edit Parts Data in an Existing Project (BOM Explorer)

  1. Open the Project Manager.
  2. Select the BOM Explorer tab to display the BOM Explorer.
  3. Select the desired project in the left column.
  4. In the BOM Tree, select the radio buttons for the items in the project you wish to view (Device, Wire or Both).
  5. In the BOM Tree, select the installation and location containing the part number information you wish to modify.
  6. Right-click on the part number you wish to change. The popup menu contains the following options:

    Edit Quantity - Change the quantity of the part number assigned to this ID. The Edit Part Number Quantity dialog will appear, allowing you to change the quantity value.


    Remove - Remove this part number from the ID.

  7. If the device ID currently has no part assigned, right-click on the ID and select Add Part Number from the menu.
  8. Select the part number in the Select Part Number dialog and click on OK.