Promis.e Help

Raster Images and DWG Workmode

DWG workmode is a working environment within Promis.e specifically adapted to the editing and reviewing of DWG files. Promis.e natively reads and writes both the Promis.e DGN file format and the DWG file format thus enabling less data loss from sharing. You can also directly reference a DWG file from a Promis.e DGN file.

When you open a DWG file, various Promis.e tools are restricted to ensure compatibility with the DWG format. When you are required to create DGN files that are DWG compatible, you can turn on DWG workmode . In both cases Promis.e restricts its tools to create only elements that are compatible with the DWG format.

The main purpose of the DWG workmode is to ensure that no DWG-incompatible features are added to the DWG file while editing it in Promis.e . This is done by restraining access to certain tools and features of Promis.e that remain unsupported in AutoCAD.

Note: In DWG workmode the read-only status of a raster cannot be changed when only Raster Manager is installed. You can change this setting only if Bentley Descartes is also installed.