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HPGLRTL Printer Driver

The HPGLRTL printer driver produces HPGL-2 vectors from vector data sources and RTL rasters from raster data sources.

Many devices that support HPGL-2/RTL have numerous limitations. For example, these devices do not support both HPGL-2 vectors and RTL rasters in the same print. Nor do they support all the different RTL pixel formats and color depth. In addition, they may not support all of the RTL compression modes described in the RTL specification from Hewlett Packard.

The Bentley HPGLRTL printer driver configuration file is named hpglrtl.pltcfg. This section describes the properties that are in the hpglrtl.pltcfg configuration file. The properties appear in the Driver Properties category on the Base Properties tab in the Printer Driver Configuration dialog.