Promis.e Help

Configuration Settings Dialog

Used to set up a shared directory and groups for distributed rendering.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Scheduler dialog: click the Update Configuration icon

Shared Directory Shared directory controls where the messages needed for inter-process communication will be stored. Set it to a location that all machines intended to be used have Read/Write access. Machines can only see jobs submitted to their shared folder. The groups that a machine belongs to and are available to it are stored in the shared folder.

To change the Shared Directory, click on the browse icon to open the Edit Shared Directory dialog. From this dialog, you can change the shared directory.

Groups Groups are a way of allowing jobs to target different machines. Jobs do not have to be targeted at a specific group, so it is not required to make use of this feature. Jobs are targeted at a group when the job is created from Promis.e . In order to create a group which different computers in a shared folder can belong to, click the Add icon (+) and enter the name of the new group. The Delete icon (×) removes the selected group. Once the group is added, click the > icon to make the current machine part of that group. The < icon removes the current machine from the selected group.
User Information User information determines what user the processors runs as.